This post is almost 1 year overdue…next tour is first weekend in February. Sheesh! Could I be any slower? I sure hope not. I’m going to post the highlights of my tour. I can’t remember exact addresses and may get a house or 2 confused, remember it’s been 11 months since I took these pictures. I will show you my favorite stuff. Honestly, I need to do another post that highlights the artwork, lighting and furniture I saw on the tour as well. That may take another 11 months, though. Hope you enjoy!

We’ll start on the East Side of Austin with a super cool kitchen.
Totally dig the floating shelves. I am obsessed with mixing wood and metal. Makes my heart sing.

Moving onto SoCo…
IMG_1016 IMG_1023The above house is on Annie St and I loved so many details they put into this home. Unfortunately, for you the details didn’t come out in the photos. These are my favorite two. I love the kitchen countertops, fabulous. You will notice on this tour I was mesmerized with countertops and tiling.
IMG_1050See the only pic I’ll show you of this house (can’t remember but think it’s South of Oltorf) is the tiling in the bathroom. I love it!

Moving onto my favorite house of the whole tour, located on Live Oak. Beyond stoked to see inside since I run by this house every morning and have always loved their yard.
IMG_1054IMG_1055IMG_1060Don’t you love the tiled floor? Me too!
IMG_1063 IMG_1064You really needed to see this bathroom tile up close to fully appreciate it. I’m in love!
IMG_1066So I couldn’t get a good shot of this lighting that’s over the dining table, too many people around…you get the idea.
IMG_1068Love tub/shower combo with glass separating from the bathroom.
IMG_1076 IMG_1080Now we’re moving into Westlake. I love both of these countertops. White kitchen countertops are on my want list for my kitchen. The bathroom countertop I thought was cool and different from everything I had seen on the tour.
IMG_1088I know I sound like a broken record BUT more cool tile. Love!
IMG_1091View from a home in Westlake…this concludes the My Austin Modern Home Tour of 2013. Now to gear up for this years.


  1. Really like the modern touches, cement walls are so clean and unapologetic.

  2. Love the design ideas (but I can’t get past my kitschy style). Thanks for sharing!

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